Journey Crabapple Road In Roswell / Alpharetta GA

Journey The Communities Along Crabapple Road North To South!

From Highway 92 / Holcomb Bridge / Crossville Road we will be traveling from North To South And visiting The Neighborhoods Along the way until it ends at Birmingham Road / In The historice area of Crabapple located at 5 corners in the City of Alpharetta.

Somewhere between Kathleen Court and elizabeth Lane the Crabapple Road from Canton Street begins in the City of Roswell GA.

Traveling Straight North along Crabapple Road, the neighborhood on the right would be:

Roswell Station
Homes For Sale In Roswell Station

and then

Homes For Sale In Brickleberry

folowed by:

Crabapple Commons
Homes For Sale In Crabapple Commons

Across from the above communities is a wonderful Roswell Area Park and Crabapple Middle School.

Ahead on the left is:

Old Roswell
Homes For Sale In Old Roswell

The Roswell Cottages
Homes For Sale In Cottages At Roswell

Next is the intersection of Crossville Road (Highway 92) and simply continue straight and follow Crabapple road to the next neighborhood on the right:

Westbrook At Crossville Village
Homes For Sale In Westbrooke At Crossville Village

Up on the left is

Roswell Green
Homes For Sale In Roswell Green
A One Cul de sac street of cute homes and attached homes.

The very next left is the neighborhood;

Orchard Lake
Homes For Sale In Orchard Lake
Orchard Lake is a 2 street community, Gala Court and Rome Drive.

Next left Neighborhood is;

Hidden Pond
Homes For Sale In Hidden Pond
The community shares, in the back, a beautiful pond!

Place Meridian

To the left as we continue this journey is:

Passing Chaffin Road on the left approacheing Hembree Road to the North.
Still in the City of Roswell, traveling north along Crabapple Road, to the east, right side isStrickland Road.

Up on the left, off Crabapple Road, is;

Homes For Sale In Place Reminince

On the right;
Saddle Creek
Homes For Sale In Saddle Creek
Saddle Creek is off of Crabapple Road and Rounsaville Road. A Chatford Community with 2 other enclaves, The Courtyard at Saddle Creek and The Enclave at Saddle Creek, which are attached homes.

Traveling back on Crabapple Road and on your right, across from Roswell Park, is;
Crabapple Lake
Homes For Sale In Crabapple Lake


Crabapple Walk
Homes For Sale In Crabapple Walk/a>

Orchards At Crabapple
Homes For Sale In Orchards At Crabapple

Now you will be bearing right and passing Hardscrabble Road on the left and continuing North East along Crabapple Road to the next neighborhood on the right:

Crabapple Chase
Homes For Sale In Crabapple Chase

You will be passing the Crabapple Market on the right and on the left the Crabapple Shopping Center.

Before coming to the end at Historice Crabapple at the intersection of Crabapple Road, Birmingham Road/Broadwell Road, Mayfield Road, and Mid Broadwell, making this a well know “5 Corners” area of Crabapple in Alpharetta GA, just South of Milton High School, Northwestern Middle School and Crabapple Crossing Elementary School.

Neighborhood Homes For Sale In Alpharetta GA

Neighborhood Homes For Sale In Roswell GA